Field producing is my passion, what got me into journalism and what feeds my soul. 
This is a compilation of my favorite packages, live hits, and digital videos produced by me.


Maria leaves behind new life for Puerto Ricans

In Puerto Rico, people are trying to get back to normal, but reality is everything has changed. Puerto Ricans might not get power back for four to six months. CNN's Nick Paton Walsh has the story. Shot by William Bonnett and John Rubenstahl.

St. Maarten's awakening 

After being battered by Hurricane Irma, St. Maarten assesses the colossal damage to the island and its structures. CNN's Cyril Vanier follows the slow awakening of the Dutch side of the island a little over a week after Irma punched through. Shot by Martin Bourke. 

St Maarten after Irma

A Facebook live from the rubble of a devastated hotel with CNN’s Cyril Vanier in St. Martin, assessing the damage in the wake of Hurricane Irma. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, there are power outages and reports of widespread looting.

CNN reporter lashed by winds in Puerto Rico

CNN's Nick Paton Walsh gets battered by winds while Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico with 155 mph winds.

A look at the rise of hate speech in Quebec

The suspect in the Quebec mosque shooting was known to those who monitor far-right groups. CNN's Paula Newton headed there to examine this phenomenon. Special for Christiane Amanpour's show, shot by Bob Crowley. 

Behind the Brand: Harricana by Mariouche

A look inside the atelier of Mariouche Gagné, whose line of ethical fur pieces has spared over 800,000 animals' lives since its inception in 2001. Shot by Julia Jones and Sophia Loffreda.


A Tribe Called Red: Challenging Stereotypes of Native Identity

They are fiercely unapologetic about being aboriginal – and they make any club heat up in instants with energetic beats and thought-provoking imagery. Shot by Julia Jones.