Living through Venezuela's blackouts

Crowds collect water from dirty streams, nurses pump ventilators by hand in darkened hospitals and charities struggle to feed children as Venezuela continues to suffer the dire effects of its most profound blackout in decades.

DOJ: Michael Cohen 'under criminal investigation'

Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's personal attorney, has been "under criminal investigation" for months in New York because of his business dealings, the Justice Department said Friday.

A migrant dad's sketch shows him being separated from his children

On Father's Day, in a medium-security prison in New Mexico, a migrant took a piece of paper and a pencil and drew a sketch of his shattered family. It offers a window into his despair.

'You're a terrorist,' says note sent to 10-year-old Muslim schoolgirl in Massachusetts

A 10-year-old Muslim girl found two threatening handwritten notes in her cubby in an elementary school west of Boston, and police are investigating it as a hate crime.

He played on amidst the chaos of protests - until cops broke his violin

But on Wednesday, the music stopped. Wuilly Arteaga says the National Guard took his violin from him and handed it back -- in pieces. "I was playing in the middle of the protest when National Guard vehicles approached us and one of the guards grabbed my violin by the strings," Arteaga told Colombian news channel NTN 24.

Sweden helping negotiate release of Americans held in North Korea

American citizens Kim Hak-song, Kim Sang-duk, and Kim Dong Chul are being held by North Korean government. North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho is in Stockholm for talks with his Swedish counterpart.

Brazilian police issue arrest warrants in Rio 2016 federal probe

Findings of "Operation Red Card," as it's been dubbed by police, include that the bidding process was rigged to benefit giant construction companies Odebrecht and OAS -- both already implicated in massive bidding corruption scandals across Latin America. According to a statement from police, "a great part of [the inflated price] was channeled to bribe payments and the financing of electoral campaigns."

Quebec mosque gunman was calm, witness says

Streaks of dried blood crisscrossed the bullet holes on one wall. Gray and white robes hung from a coat stand near a raised shelf holding leather-bound copies of the Quran. Below, parts of the beige and green carpet also were encrusted with blood.

I Spent a Night Patrolling with LightStep, Montreal's Real-Life Superhero

This post originally appeared on VICE Canada For the past two years, Montreal's has had its very own superhero. Our superhero isn't part of the urban clan of crime fighters called the New York Initiative or the slick looking Real Life Super Hero Project.

Canadians to Trump: Blame Canada, really?

Many Canadians were left reeling as President Donald Trump and his administration took direct aim at their Prime Minister, just hours after the President characterized his relationship with Justin Trudeau and other allies as a "10."

Chapter One: Who is behind one of the biggest scams in history?

CNNMoney goes on a hunt for the woman who is the face of the one of the biggest cons in history. This psychic scam has allegedly bilked hundreds of millions of dollars from some of the world's most vulnerable people, but investigators from around the globe have not been able to stop it.

Venezuela's health system is in worse condition than expected, survey finds

According to the report, most laboratory services and hospital nutrition services are intermittent or completely inoperative. Staggering statistics highlight the shortages of items such as basic medicines, catheters, surgical supplies and infant formula. Venezuela has been in a downward spiral for years, caused by a combination of mismanagement of government funds and the plummeting price of oil.

American deaths in terrorism vs. gun violence in one graph

After a gunman opened fire at Oregon's Umpqua Community College, killing nine people and injuring seven, a visibly upset Obama said the shootings were becoming all too routine. The gunman also died, although it's unclear whether he was shot by police or committed suicide. "The reporting is routine," Obama said.

Russia slams US over 'absurd' response to Mosul civilian deaths

Russia's Ministry of Defense issued a statement Sunday that derides US officials' comments about the US-led coalition's possible role in more than 100 civilian deaths in Mosul last month. "Absurd statements of the Pentagon representatives justifying civil casualties caused by American bombing in Iraq give more information on the operation planning level and the alleged supremacy of the American "smart" bombs," the statement reads.

More than 250 skulls found in mass grave in Mexico

The mass grave found in Veracruz state could be the largest in Mexico, state attorney general Jorge Winckler told CNN affiliate Televisa. Veracruz is "one big mass grave," Winckler told the affiliate Tuesday. The remains appear to be victims of organized crime violence killed in recent years.

Infant deaths, malaria cases soar in Venezuela

Confirmed malaria cases in 2016 stood at 240,000, a 76% increase over 2015. Maternal deaths rose 66% to 756. Last year, 11,466 infants died, a 30% increase, according to new records recently released by Venezuela's health ministry. It's the first health data released by the government in nearly two years.

Montreal's homeless have lost a gathering place

"You drink beer, you don't get cold," she said. Kad, like many other homeless aboriginals in this city, used to spend much of her time in Cabot Square. Situated close to the Atwater métro, a McDonald's restaurant, a dépanneur and an SAQ outlet, the park is a convenient hangout.